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Sandalwood oil is an essential oil which has been around since last thousand years or so. This oil has been used in many religion and cultures since long. Ancient documentation proves that it is used since ancient Vedic times in various religious ceremonies. Its use is not only religious ceremonies but it is also a perfect healing agent as well as perfume. This article will give you a brief on what sandalwood oil is all about and what are its various benefits Read more...

Sandalwood tree is mainly found in South East Asia, especially in subcontinent. The most prized sandalwood comes from India, that too from Mysore. These trees are just raw materials from which the sandalwood oil is derived. The tree is now counted as among the endangered species in many parts of Asia. There have been attempts to control the excessive cutting of trees. This is the reason why sandalwood oil has become slightly expensive these days. In order to give a good yield of essential oil, the tree should be at least 30 years old. Read more...

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