The heartwood and roost are amongst the best materials to produce essential oil. This oil is mainly produced by using water and steam distillation. The oil is distinctive because of its woody, sweet scent. This essential oil is viscous and brown/yellow in color. Apart from being used in religious ceremonies, this essential oil is also used in fragrance and perfumery. It is also used in aftershave lotions, as it eases or soothes the rashes. For other skin conditions like cracked, dry skin, sandalwood oil is used as an effective cure. Sandalwood oil is also found in many forms like shampoos and shower gels.

Sandalwood oil also finds its use in Ayurvedic medicine to treat various respiratory problems. It includes flu and coughs. It is also used to treat laryngitis, sore throat and bronchitis. All you need to do is to breath in the sandal wood scent which is added to the hot water or just rubbing the chest with solution of this energetic essential oil. This oil is highly effective in altering the mental state of an individual with the help of the scent. This is a genuine philosophy behind the whole concept of aromatherapy. Sandalwood essential oil is used to relive many forms of stress including insomnia, depression as well as anxiety. This oil can also be burned including air diffuser and oil burner. Sandalwood is also available in the form of aromatherapy candles; they are used as incense stick. So in case you are depressed, then do use the pleasant and sweat scent of this great essential oil, it will surely lift your spirits and make you happy. It also helps to give you some really good sleep and reduce the various insomnia problems. Traditional Chinese medicines also make use of this oil for treating diarrhea, vomiting as well as stomach aches.

The main constituents of sandalwood oils include borneol, santalone, sesquiterpene hydro carbons, santalols, santene, and other lesser constituents. Sandalwood is also non irritant, non toxic as well as on sensitizing. The therapeutic qualities associated with the use of sandalwood oil are indispensable for treating the wide range of skin ailments. Major skin care lines or perfume companies will lose their entire business without this universal known fragrance. Sandalwood is used globally and incisively in different products that it has now become an endangered species. In some states it is protected by the state.

The best sandalwood oil is produced in trees that have matured and age around 50-60 years. Due to its high demand it has become an endangered species. India is a home to some of the finest and matured sandalwood trees. In India, it is considered as a royal tree and it is also protected by the state. A sandalwood tree can only be cut down after it has matured. There are some countries like Thailand and Australia that have tried to replenish the trees by growing them. However, due to the chemo types of the sandalwood, these are not suitable for every climate.

Two types of sandalwood that are more popular includes white sandal wood which is more useful in case of skin care and red sandalwood which is more useful in case of medicinal properties. Lastly, Ancient art of Ayurveda has relied on goodness of sandalwood. Its healing prowess cannot be matched by any other type of oil. The purest form of essential sandalwood oil is widely used in case of massages. Anxiety is among the top thing which disturbs the harmony and the stability in the life of a person, sandalwood oil is highly effective to fight anxiety, stress and other related factors.